Fixation system for the AKUSTIX series.
Almost everybody is affected by distractions while working, especially in open-plan offices. Just think of bubbly calls, interposed questions from your colleagues, loud conversations or construction or traffic noise from outside. In addition the human eye is even more distracted by visual allurements.
Our AKUSTIX panels provide an easy solution to these problems.
Ergonomics meets quality. Our height-adjustable E-MORE desk frames will optimize your work place and improve your working ergonomics significantly.
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Wireless charging points
Wireless Charging, elegant and functional? Now possible with our WLC products, which can be used for wireless charging but also with typical USB-Ports to charge every other device.
In a class of one’s own: the cable outlets EXIT G11/G14S. Our bestseller is now also in fascinating titanium available.
Obligation to inform according to §18 Abs. 2 Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetz